Field Day 2008

Additional pictures will be posted as they are received.

2008 RRRC Field Day - Derge Park The annual Field Day weekend event was an enjoyable experience to all who at-tended. The RRRC had 4 stations on the air covering most of the HF bands with Presi-dent Ryan, KB9OWD, running his usual awe-some CW marathon. Former RRRC Presi-dent Terry Carr, W9TAC, and his wife Deb made the trip down from Eau Claire to par-ticipate. Saturday night brought the pot luck dinner where over-eating abounded, but not before Mother Nature took a shot at us. A very strong and fast moving storm raced through, bringing a burst of heavy rain, gale force winds, and a little hail thrown on. The wind gusts hit 82MPH measured at the Jun-eau airport, taking down a barn and uproot-ing several trees. However, we fared a bit better at the park. It rocked the campers around a bit, but all antennas remained in-tact. In addition, we were able to view a beautiful double rainbow after the storm. A coax connection to Ryan's dipole was the only casualty of the storm and once found, was a simple fix. On Sunday morning, we were all treated to a delicious breakfast of biscuits and gravy prepared by Mark and Judy Mullin, W9MIM and KB9MKK. Many con-tacts were made all over the country and proves that when all else fails, a Ham, a radio, and a wire in the trees will get the message out. Iím already thinking about next year.
73, Dennis KC9ICA

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